What you need to know about Back to Health Physical and Occupational therapy

Since 1995, Back to Health has gained the reputation as Brooklyn’s leading center for physical and occupational therapy. Back to Health provides comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic services for our patients, and for more than two decades, we have successfully treated complex neurological, orthopedic and musculoskeletal conditions as well as work-related and athletic injuries.

Here are our Physical Therapy services available in our clinic.

Physical Therapy

The Physical Therapists at Back to Health are doctoral-level advisors and work intimately with your doctors to establish work, enhance versatility and reduce torment related with wounds managed from sports, work, age and incapacities. We trust that “development is life” and we buckle down with you and your therapeutic group to accomplish your non-intrusive treatment objectives so you can return to typical everyday work and recreational exercises without danger of damage.

Occupational Therapy

We pride ourselves on uncommon administration, dynamic treatment, and an abundance of information to enable our patients through the recovery to process. Keeping in mind the end goal to be at the front line of our calling, our Occupational/hand advisors hold the most abnormal amount of preparing in the calling for treating the hand, wrist, elbow, and shoulder. Our Occupational specialists at Back To Health treat physical issues that meddles with a man’s capacity to perform day by day assignments including the furthest points. Our objective is make answers for you to enhance quality, aptitude, and coordination while playing out these day by day undertakings.

Pediatric therapy

Back to Health Physical and Occupational Therapy offers complete treatment programs for youngsters encountering wounds and improvement delays. Our accomplished and minding pediatric clinicians are focused on your kid’s individualized remedial needs. We plan an extraordinary treatment program particularly fit for every youngster’s needs with a specific end goal to upgrade their potential for development and improvement. Our projects are all confirmation based and use a blend of both customary pediatric treatment and imaginative methods turned out to be profoundly powerful and alright for offspring of any age. Our cutting edge hardware and instruments are wellbeing confirmed and are utilized as a part of mix with manual treatment to augment your youngster’s general improvement and level of working. No injury is too big nor complex for our expert Pediatric Therapists to Handle!

Why Choose Us?

 Doctoral Level Therapists

The greater part of our advisors hold a Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy – this is the most elevated achievable degree in the exercise based recuperation field, requiring seven or more years of advanced education. Offering the most noteworthy bore of treatment to our patients is our #1 need!

Results-based Treatment Programs

We need you to show signs of improvement as fast as conceivable so we utilize PROVEN treatment procedures in your arrangement which will create the best long haul brings about the most limited conceivable time span. Our way to deal with mind is the thing that empowers the greater part of our patients to come back to the exercises they cherish doing the most with insignificant downtime.

Personalized Treatment Plans and Treatment Time

We set aside the opportunity to completely survey each case through a one-on-one assessment. Our advisors will then sit with you and your family to talk about your damage/condition and the arrangement towards your street to recuperation. Each objective you reach is a festival for us as well!

State of the Art Facilities and Equipment

With a specific end goal to give master mind we use the most recent mechanically progressed rehabilitative hardware from the main producers in the business (Precor, Octane, Matrix, Nustep, Scifit, Cybex, Magnum).

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