Ultimate Food Guide to Vietnam

Vietnamese food is becoming more and more popular as days go by. Globalization is making its way to the food industry and it is helping people to know more about different cuisines in other countries. Vietnamese food, for instance. This cuisine is becoming one of the most sought after foods around the world. People are not only after its delicious taste but also the benefits that you can get from eating Vietnamese food. It is not a secret that Vietnamese dishes are one of the healthiest cuisines around the world. Know more about the best Vietnamese food in Singapore.

There are a lot of things you need to know about the Vietnamese that will encourage you to try out the cuisine.

Vietnamese Food Is Delicious And Has A Unique Taste

Different cuisines around the world are mostly greasy. It feels like they taste almost all the same, but Vietnamese dishes are very a unique. Flavors and aromas from different ingredients are mixing together, giving it a unique taste. You will be surprised that they do not have so much fried foods. They use very little oil in their cooking. The different tastes and textures of the food will not make you tired of eating it.

Vietnamese Food Is Known To Be One Of The Healthiest Cuisines Around The World

The ingredients of Vietnamese food are different and most are vegetables and herbs, which are all good for your body. Their food, especially salads and spring rolls, are known to have antioxidants that are good for you. Their food contains different types of vitamins and minerals that help you boost your immune system. They only use the freshest ingredients to make sure of the taste and quality of their food.

Vietnamese Food Is At A Very Reasonable Price

You might be thinking that dining in a Vietnamese restaurant is expensive. They actually offer a very reasonable price, which is surprising. If you think of the benefits that you can get from eating Vietnamese food, the price is really a small one to pay. You don’t only pay for the delicious taste but also for the different health benefits that you can get from it.

Vietnamese Dishes Use Different And Fresh Ingredients

To maintain the health benefits you get from Vietnamese dishes, they make sure that they are using only the best and the freshest ingredients. Herbs and vegetables are served fresh to guarantee the flavor. They use healthy ingredients in cooking their food. Most dishes are gluten free. They use a lot of spices and they don’t use dairy with their salads.

There are different Vietnamese dishes that are so popular among diners. You can even find these dishes in Vietnamese restaurants in Singapore.

Vietnamese Pho

Pho is a noodle soup that has different types. They can come in beef or chicken flavor. Pho is served with vegetables and herbs. You will be provided with condiments to make your Pho suit your taste. If you want it a bit more spice or salt, you can create your perfect Pho.

Banh Mi

Bahn Mi is a traditional Vietnamese sandwich that is a bit inspired by French. They use a freshly baked baguette and fill it up with delicious fillings, such as beef or chicken. To balance the taste, they fill it with vegetables as well, such as cucumber or lettuce.

Spring Rolls

Vietnamese spring rolls are unique since it uses rice paper to wrap it up like a burrito. You can choose from a seafood spring roll or chicken spring rolls. You can even have vegetarian spring rolls if you are on a diet or you have strict dietary restrictions. Vietnamese spring rolls are served with a Vietnamese fish sauce that will make it taste a even better.


Sinh is a type of dessert that will not make you feel guilty eating it. It’s made up of condensed milk with ice and fresh fruits to be made into a smoothie. You can have different flavors such as durian, mango and passion fruit. You can eat dessert without feeling the guilt since it is not all about sweets but it is also healthy because of the fresh fruits.

Check your nearest Vietnamese restaurant to discover all the best Vietnamese food in Singapore.

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