Treatments of the hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are normally known as the piles. It is the vascular formation in the rectum canal. In general, they are cushion like structure to help the bowel movement. Swelled vessels cause disease. There are two types of piles syndrome, one is internal and the second one is external. Both of them need to be treated carefully.

How can hemorrhoids be treated?

            Small ones can disappear by its own. They may not need any clinical attention. Sometimes medication and surgeries are required for the bigger one. You can choose any one option from the home remedies or the professional healing for the hemorrhoid treatment.

Home remedies:

            Minor piles problem can be treated by the home remedies or you can minimize the pain using these remedies.

  1. Soak in warm water: take a bathtub and pour warm water in it. Sit inside for at least 15 minutes. You will get relief from the pain of the piles. It also helps to get rid of the whole day work stress. For the external problem, you can use a hot water bag to sit it on.
  2. Maintain personal hygiene: increase your hygiene level to prevent this disease. Wash your rectum with lukewarm water in spite of vigorous rubbing with dry tissue paper and harsh soap.
  3. Cold compress: for the external swelling of hemorrhoidal tissue you can try a cold compress. It will give you relief from the pain.


Professional treatments:

            If you are suffering from a severe condition you need the help of a specialist doctor. In these cases you can consider the following options:-

  • Non-surgical treatments:
  1. Rubber band ligation: It is a treatment for the external hemorrhoids. In this process, a rubber band is tightened around the swelled portion of the anal system. It cuts off the blood circulation into it and decreases the blood flow. Thus it shrinks just within 1-2 weeks.
  2. Injection treatment: according to the severances of the symptom the doctor directly injects a medicine into the blood vessels to reduce its size. It is also known as the sclerotherapy.
  3. Infrared Photocoagulation: this is a quite simple process. It is basically used for the internal affected blood vessels. Using an infrared-light erecting instrument professional doctor cut-off the blood supply to shrink it off.
  4. Electro coagulation: it is also a popular method to treat the internal piles syndrome. Electric current goes through the rectum canal using a specific tool. This forms scar tissue which afterward cuts off the blood supply and shrinks the swelled blood vessels.
  • Surgical treatments:
  1. Hemorrhoidectomy: this treatment is prescribed for the extreme large one and where other treatments got no response.
  2. Hemorrhoid Stapling: it involves the procedure, removal of the internal swelled tissues.

How to keep away?

  • Drink at least 10 glasses of water per day.
  • Include whole wheat, oats, brown rice, carrots and other dietary fiber related foods to your daily meal. These will control and balance your bowel movement with an ease.
  • Try to work out daily. It prevents constipation and obesity and maintains accurate weight.

Though it is a painful and troublesome for your daily routine, it is not harmful to a severe condition. Hemorrhoid treatment can be done and also can be prevented by a healthy lifestyle.

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