Some interesting facts about baby kicking?

As a would be mother counting kicks during pregnancy would be on top of your agenda. Be it your first or fourth baby each mother would anxiously count the kicks of their baby. It also goes by the name of quickening which would mean that the baby is growing and thriving. An interesting trend is that not all movements that you face are not from the baby. They would need a lot of time to move their hands whereby the uterus is being explored and changing sides. Take note of the fact that babies are a lot busy as well.

Some facts about baby kicks

Pregnancy is a time where lot of wonders are expected and you would need to figure out what those baby movements actually mean in the first place. Let us go through some interesting facts about pregnancy kick counter

When is the baby going to start kicking?

If you are a first time mother you are going to witness the baby kicking at around week 24. The baby would have started moving long before that but the sensation would be unfamiliar. You might not be able to figure it out and the movements of the baby are not that strong during the starting stages of pregnancy. Some mothers feel that they are going with the wind.

If the placenta is towards the starting of the uterus a buffering of the kicks with regards to the baby may be felt for a certain point of time. If you are becoming a mother for the second time, you can pretty much understand the flutters well before time. This could be as early as the 12 Th week of pregnancy.

What are the reasons for the baby kicking?

Babies are known to react nosily with regards to what is happening around them in the environment. If there is too much noise,sound or strong foods can force the baby to move. Babies are also known to stretch and need some form of relaxation. If you are on the move it is soothing for the baby whereby they can relax and fall asleep.

Mothers who are into some form of exercise or yoga are likely to come across the fact that their babies are much quieter.

What is the desired duration of kicks?

Ideally the average number of kicks could be 15 to 20 per day, but be aware of the fact that it would include all form of movement and not the baby just kicking your bladder. Each and every baby is different and this is going to include their movements at the same time. In case of some babies they are moving all the time, whereas others sleep during the day and move at night.

Babies need to take rest and sleep in the womb and this would mean close to 17 hours a day as well. If you are busy and constantly on the move, then the wakeful movements of the baby would not have been noticed.

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