Never leave out important details, especially when dealing with medicine

Have you ever experienced buying something or even taking something that doesn’t do what it was advertised for? Or it actually does something but there are certain drawbacks or consequences to using it? Well, that’s exactly what happened to people who bought Abilify, an antipsychotic drug that was advertised not to have certain side effects.

Well guess what, it did. Although these kinds of drugs are known to have some side effects, the manufacturers did not mention that the drug could and would severely enhance these side effects, and as such, a lot of people have been affected by the negligence of the manufacturers and one by one, are filing lawsuits against them.

Unforeseen side effects

Although the drug is known to have side effects such as gaining weight or getting sexually aroused more often than not, the manufacturers left out a very vital detail to the general public that the antipsychotic drug they manufactured enhances these side effects to a point where the people who take them experience compulsive behaviours such as overeating or getting addicted to sex. This is accompanied by the loss over impulse control of the victims as well which technically gives them every right to be mad at the manufacturers, mad being an understatement. They have every right to sue the company for leaving out such a vital detail that might have even possibly ruined lives.

Severe negligence

Due to the negligence of the companies behind this supposedly safe antipsychotic drug, a lot of people were caught off guard by the severe side effects that came after the treatments using the drug. While it did what it was supposed to do, the side effects associated with it were amplified tenfold causing disorders in patients. It was documented that due to the rapid weight gain brought about by compulsive binge eating, some patients have already been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. This is especially common in younger patients who instead of getting better just got even worse in other aspects.

Not all of the people who took it are schizophrenic

Although mainly used for people with schizophrenia, the antipsychotic drug was also given to patients who suffered from depression, anxiety or bipolar disorder, while this means that they get brief relief for their medical illness, they also get unwanted side effects which they did not expect to get at all due solely from the negligence of the manufacturers leaving out such important details.

File a lawsuit

Filing a lawsuit against the company and manufacturers of the drug is the only way to go to get compensation from all the negative and possibly harmful things that the drug has brought to them and their families as well. How many lives have been ruined and possibly scarred for life due to just leaving out small but crucial details about the drug.

The actions of the company responsible for these misfortunes, neglecting the safety and welfare of the patients who take the drugs as treatment should be given an equally severe punishment. If you or you know someone who was affected by this antipsychotic drug in a negative way, best to file for lawsuit as well.

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