Men, Women, and Sex Problems Throughout the Lifespan

Sex problems can develop at any age, but most women suffer their most challenging difficulties before age 30, while most men experience theirs after age 50. This means that many couples are sexually out of synch, with her issues causing conflict early in life and his causing strife later.

Of course, like all generalizations, these observations have their limits. It’s quite possible for young men or older women to develop significant sex problems. But usually, it’s the other way around. Those who gain perspective on this are more likely to feel prepared—and enjoy sex throughout life.

Sex Problems of Younger Lovers

Many young men suffer sex problems: performance anxiety and worries about penis size, premature ejaculation, trouble ejaculating, and occasionally erection impairment. But young men’s two biggest issues—anxiety about penis size and premature ejaculation (PE)—can usually be resolved fairly quickly with information, or in the case of PE, self-help, for example, my low-cost e-booklet, The Cure for Premature Ejaculation.

Young women’s sexual concerns tend to be more complicated. Girls grow up wanting to explore their sexuality, but they hear mixed messages. If they feel timid or turn down boys’ approaches, they’re “prudes” or “ice maidens.” But if they appear overly eager, they’re “easy,” ”tramps,” or “sluts.” Most of them uses Viagra due to availability of online. They just search on google buy Viagra online and it get delivered to their door.

Young women are brought up to value attractiveness and desirability, but with so much emphasis on appearing desirable, they may not feel much space to experience their own desire.

Young women also feel understandably anxious about pregnancy risk, and feel deeply disappointed if they’re with men who seem less concerned.

Finally, when young women experiment with partner sex, they typically play with young men who know little, if anything, about women’s sexuality, specifically the importance of the clitoris to women’s erotic satisfaction.

About the Women

Most young men (and many older men) think that intercourse is the key to women’s pleasure and orgasm. Most women enjoy the special closeness of doing the deed. But only 25 percent of women are consistently orgasmic from just intercourse. To have  orgasms, most need gentle, sustained clitoral caresses. As a result of many young men’s ignorance, many young women don’t get the stimulation they need, and have difficulty with orgasm. But when young women have orgasm difficulties, they often mistakenly blame themselves and think they’re somehow defective.

It takes time, often years, for young women to become comfortable with their sexuality. The process usually involves becoming assertive with men about the erotic pace they prefer (usually slower with more kissing, cuddling, and mutual whole-body massage), and the sexual moves that allow them to become sufficiently lubricated and aroused to have orgasms (extended gentle hand jobs and cunnilingus). There is another option of Viagra is Cialis and you can also buy Cialis online. Just search on google and ordered it.

By age 30 or so, as they become more experienced in life and sex, most women make peace (more or less) with their sexuality. Most become more comfortable with what turns them on and allows them to come—possibly vaginal intercourse alone, but probably intercourse combined with direct clitoral stimulation by hand, tongue, or vibrator.

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