Is blood in the breast is a serious issue while breast feeding?

We all know that breast feeding is an obvious and common activity after you are with an infant and hence if you find blood in your breast, you get shocked. Many of the ladies have a question that if there is a blood at the time of breast feeding, is it a serious issue? We have been so thoughtful about the spread of cancer these days that such thought automatically strikes up into our minds and leaves us worried about such issues. Well we can discuss on the question if you saw some blood in breast milk, is it serious issue?

Reasons for blood in breast milk

If you find the blood in the breast milk it is a quite obvious thing while motherhood and breast feeding. It is not such serious issue that you may need to panic about. If you saw some blood in breast milk consistently for a week then you may need to consult your doctor, but the blood in breast milk is not for such a long time. There are few specific reasons behind the falling of blood while breast feeding which is as follows:

  • Rusty pipe Syndrome

This mainly occurs only after the pregnancy during the first week where it is a tainted color in the breast and looks wise it is rusty. Mainly it occurs when the breasts starts enlarging after having a baby.

  • Mastitis

Another reason responsible for the blood in the breast feeding milk is that many a time infection happens to the ladies in the breast after having the baby. This kind of infection usually comes along fever, pain as well as swelling.

  • Broken Capillaries

Last but not the least, the another biggest cause responsible for the blood in the breast milk is the broken vessels or the capillaries from where the blood may leak into your breast milk and can be pointed out while pumping your breast milk to the baby.

These are few of the main causes responsible for the pointing out of blood from the breast milk and they are not such serious issues but if the blood is coming consistently for a week, then you are required to consult a doctor or any specialist and have the test to find out the reason. Although there are no reasons of any serious issues because after having baby, the body develops and the breast enlarges and hence, due to this a few drops of blood can be judged out there. It is completely safe for a baby as a very little amount of blood in the breast milk is normally eaten by the babies but a more amount can be denied by them itself.

 Many of the time there are the chances of blood cancer but they happen when you feel a continuous bleeding from nipples for few days regularly and hence, in that case you should not feed your child and should get and immediate tests done.


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