How to Get Healthy-Glowing Skin: 5 Things to Eat and Drink

With sunshine peeping its head around and warmer temps on their way, who has time for thick moisturizers? Getting healthy-glowing skin is not just about expertly covering acne or using moisturizer, but it’s a beauty from the inside out. Our skin wears down with age, stress. And, wrinkles, dullness, pimples all appear as uninvited guests. But, it wouldn’t hurt to consult a private dermatologist if you feel like something is really serious or wrong. However, if that’s not the case, I have rounded up best foods to eat and drink for a perfectly healthy-glowing skin just in time for summer.

Healthy Glowing Skin

Water: It’s the easiest way to get guaranteed glowing skin by drinking lots of high quality of water. The skin which is not hydrated is wrinkly, dry and with vein that protrude from the skin. The skin needs moisture in order to stay healthy and water provides the hydration it needs. J.J. Virgin, author of the virgin diet cookbook suggests drinking half your weight in ounces of water daily. It will do your body and beauty good.

Fruits: It could be the next best thing you can give to your skin. Dr. Dian Griesel, author of Get lean fast and leave diet and exercise rules in dust explains that fruit is the drug delivery system to get water to the cells. Therefore, eating two to five pieces of fruits daily ensures that your skin stays hydrated and helps you achieve a glowing skin.

Skip The Dessert: Most sugary desserts such as cakes, cookies and beloved ice-creams contain sugar which you should think twice before eating them up. Eating lots of sugar creates advanced glycation end products, which causes the protein fibers in the body to be malformed and stiff. When those proteins combine with sugars, they become discolored, less supple and weak which shows up on skin as a wrinkles and a loss of radiance.

Vitamins: The vitamins you get from the food you eat improve the quality and color of your skin. According to Dr. Caroline J. Cederquist, Medical Director of bistroMD, vitamin C encourages collagen synthesis, which is essential to skin elasticity and helps to cure wrinkles. Broccoli, kale, peppers, cauliflower and mango are the foods which contains high amount of vitamin C. although, vitamin A, C and E in your diet is also important to get healthy skin.

Lean Protein: Your skin, hair and nails are made up from the amino acids and getting essential amount in daily intake can promote youthful and vibrant skin. In Virgin’s book, she recommends grass fed beef, chicken and fish. Griesel explains that consuming red meat can lead to rosier and more vibrant complexion.

Carbohydrates: If redness and acne are skin problems you’re suffering from, it is recommended to lower the intake of inflammatory foods such as gluten and sugar. Healthy carbohydrates should have fiber and complex starches. Cederquist and Virgin, both recommend omega-3 rich plant foods, sweet potatoes, whole grain bread and vegetables. Eating such low amounts of carbohydrates can help you lead to less wrinkles and skin atrophy and can promote the likelihood of the healthy age management cream.

Conclusion: So now that you know the foods that can dramatically improve your skin, the next step will be putting all these changes in the diet in action. You will definitely notice the improvements in just few days, but keep in mind that the time your skin is improved, you will continue to follow the diet for healthy skin. As that’s the best way to ensure your skin stays healthy-glowing and beautiful.

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