Hazardous Practices That Quietly Makes Your Fashion Clothing Unhealthy

All of us like to be in the knows with the latest and popular fashion trends. Elegant new embellishments or peep-toe shoes is frequently a yes for a lot of people.

On the other hand, even the most popular celebrities would tell that sometimes, just for the sake of fashion, they go through pain.

The proper clothes can make you feel much healthier about yourself, positive even.However, it is likely for our dresses to be dangerous to our health and possibly lead to severe illnesses.

For you to be aware, try reading the list below because there might be particularly dangerous fashion habits that you practice today that might seriously harm your body.

Ill-Fitting Pants or Skinny Denim

These types of pants can be tough wear, and tight-fitting jeans are nearly impossible to zip up or button up which could lead to serious consequences.

As per Dr. Karen Boyle who is a licensed urologist, putting on skinny jeans or ill-fitting pants can cause meralgia paresthetica.


The ailment occurs when one of the nerves on your thigh compresses which certainly leads to tingling sensation, numbness, and comes with pain.  Besides, ill-fitting pants can also be stressful to your stomach due to extreme pressure.

If practiced consistently, it will lead to GERD or Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease. It is an illness where the contents of your stomach flow back to the lower esophageal juncture, where the esophagus and stomach meet, and this certainly results in heartburn, which is merely uncomfortable to each and everyone.

The remedy for this condition is to buy pants that have a stretch to them. This way, you’ll be able to provide your body a healthy space to breathe.

Uncomfortable Belts

Tight belts not only make you seem uncomfortable specifically after having a large meal, but they can also lead to pain.

As per Dr. Irving Friedman, a certified neurologist, belts contribute to numbness in your legs because the belt can injure the nerves that function between your abdomen and outer thigh.

The remedy for this condition is to wear your belt a bit loose and not too tight, mainly after consuming a large meal.

Ill-fitting Apparels

Obtaining an hourglass body would sometimes need ill-fitting apparel which can usually squeeze your body and seriously constrict the nerves of the injured body part which can often lead to awkward feeling, and pain.

The remedy to this condition is to merely wear shapewear from Deal Wiki according to the shape of your body. This way, you will feel more comfortable and free to move.

Weighty and Overstuffed Handbags

Carrying an overloaded and weighty bags merely on one side of your body causes improper posture which can lead to pain in the shoulder, back, and graver, it can also potentially injure your spine.

When it hurts your spine, you will have many sessions with a chiropractor to correct the injury done with carrying a bag of heavyweight. Also, bear in mind that a chiropractic care services are not cheap by all means.

The remedy for this circumstance is to leave the unneeded items at home and only bring the materials you’re going to need for the day.

This way, you’ll be able to lessen the weight of the bag and also minimize the burden on your back and shoulder which will help lead to proper posture.

Pointy-toe Footwear

Heels, they can lead to painful inflammation which would potentially require expensive surgery in the long run.

In addition to swelling, upon having this uncomfortable condition, you’ll also have trouble walking which is certainly hazardous particularly everytime you climb the stairs, or by merely traveling through a cab.

The remedy for this condition is by allowing your feet to rest and wear flat footwear as your second option to your high heel or stilettos mainly when you are in a specific situation that would need lots of walking.


Wearing an attire give you with a choice to be simplistic, and instead of putting on uncomfortable and unhealthful pieces of fabrics.

Still, it is always best to wear the items that provide more comfort to avoid any pain and discomfort to your body which is very disturbing on your side.
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