Factors to look for to choose the best Blood Pressure Monitor for you

Not many people are aware that your blood pressure keeps altering all the time. The way you site, walk, exercise and even eat may have an effect of the blood pressure. Your moods also decide if your blood pressure will be normal or not. Thus, just one time checking does not tell the accurate results. For this, you need random testings over a period of time. That is why, a blood pressure monitor comes handy as you can check the blood pressure levels at home or at work during the course of the day. Here are some features that you should look for to settle on the best blood pressure monitor that is right for you:

The right type: There are different types of blood pressure monitors. There is the digital one, the traditional type, the finger monitor and the ambulatory model. You can choose the one that works best for you. You can also ask for your doctor’s suggestions while buying a blood pressure monitor.

The Fit: The fit matters because the badly fitted cuff can give wrong readings. Most monitors come with adjustable cuff which means anyone can use. Some come with a particular size, so you need to check it. Measure the width of your arm to decide if the cuff will match you or not. The cuff size should not be too small or too large. The small cuff size is the one that measures 17 to 22 cms; the medium cuff size measures between 23 to 32 cms while the large cuffs are mainly in the range of 33-42 cms.

Precision: The best blood pressure monitor should work precisely and should be able to give accurate readings. The best way to check if the monitor is a quality product is to find if the device has been independently tested by validating organizations.

It should be easy to use: A complicated blood pressure monitor will only add to your stress and thus increasing your blood pressure levels. Choose one that is convenient to use and does not have any complicated operation procedures.

Easy to carry: Most of the blood pressure monitors that you get today are portable but see if there are those that come with a case. It will help you to carry it to your workplace or on your travels as well.

Look for added features: Now you get monitors with many extra features such as multiple cuffs, download facility, multiple memories, large display, the finding of irregular heartbeat and so on.

The cost: Look for the cost of the blood pressure monitor you have chosen. As per the features, the price too will increase. Just look for quality as a cheap and under-performing device will not give correct readings. At the same time, you will be able to buy a good monitor at a good price.

The right one: If you are purchasing a blood pressure monitor for pregnant women, elders or young children, just ensure that the monitor is authenticated for such situations.

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