Enhance your smiles with the latest Cosmetic Dental Treatments

Transform your smile more beautiful ways, Cosmetic dentistry that improves the appearance of your tooth. You can simply transform your teeth to boost your smile. The transformation includes sizing, reshaping, restoring, color transformation, missing teeth, filling, close spaces, etc. Any of the professional Thunder Bay dentists can renovate your teeth as of your entail.

You can find many dental clinics in Thunder Bay who offer cosmetic dental transformations. The Oasis Cosmetic Dentistry is the one who believes a smile can enhance your confidence. They offer many cosmetic dental solutions for all kinds of people. You can consult the cosmetic dental specialist when you if you are looking for transformation. Here we are presenting the top popular and regular dental treatments that any Dental Clinic offers.


If your teeth are not in good shape, not a good color, uneven surface or close spaces Veneers are the best treatment that renovated your teeth beautifully. Veneers are usually plastic or thin pieces of porcelain which are placed over the front teeth to overcome the above-stated problem. Usually, anesthesia is not required or only a little bit is enough while treatment. As crowns are expensive one can use veneers as an alternative for crowns. Veneers sustain for longer life and color stability.


Crowns are especially used for restoring and reshaping your teeth to bring its original shape. They are also known as caps. Crowns expensive, only used when other procedures don’t work, as Crowns are time-consuming but they sustain for long life than all other cosmetic restorations. You can find Dentists Thunder Bay who are specialized in cosmetic dentistry.


If you want to whiten your teeth and remove the stains on the teeth, then bleaching is the best process. Medication, tea, hereditary, coffee, and cigarettes can be the cause of discoloring in the tooth that occurs in the enamel. Dentists can start the bleaching at home or office where you feel convenient. The dentist will make the right whitening solutions for your teeth. Depending on the shade whitening takes two to four weeks by the Thunder Bay dentists.


You can change the shade of your teeth or fill the gaps with bonding which is a tooth colored material. Bonding is a risky procedure than any other dental restoration procedures which will lead chipping or staining. Bolding is used to filling the cover spaces, cover the entire external surface of the tooth for changing the shape and color. Bonding holds on for long life.


You can alter your teeth shape by reshaping and contouring. Normal and healthy people can utilize reshaping and contouring to make any changes in your smile. The Dentist will take X-ray of teeth to estimate the size and location of the pulp of each tooth to ensure that there is sufficient bone between teeth to support reshaping.

There may be many clinics that offer cosmetic dentistry and suggest the right tooth cosmetic transformation, but ensure you are aware of the cosmetic dental treatments and consult only professional Dentists Thunder Bay.

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