Cure your pimples with the tea tree oil

Now a days it is very common to have Acne skin means a dark patches on your forehead or cheeks. Basically it happens due to increase in melanin, the natural substance that gives color and pigment to the skin ultimately darkening the skin. It affects the men and women of all age groups. There are few primary causes of hyper pigmentation of skin:-

 There are basically two factors i.e. internal and external. Internal factors include hormones disorder, medical treatment, malnutrition and stress. External factors are harsh weather, exposure to sun and too much exploitation of skin.

Internal factors

1)    Hormonal changes: – These occur when hormones progesterone and estrogen triggers too much production of melanin known as chloasma and melasma.

2)    Medication:–  This is another cause of hyper pigmentation due side effects of certain medicine used for treatment of diseases like use of antibiotics, anti malarial drugs, Chemotherapy drugs and certain hormone treatment.

3)    Stress:- Both mental and physical stress in the form of depression or chronic ailment is another very common internal causes  of hyper pigmentation.

4)    Malnutrition:- One of another internal factors of causing acne skin  due to the deficiency of certain vitamins, metabolic disorder and Auto immune and gastrointestinal problems.

5)    Melasma:- A brown colored patches formed on the faces of 85% pregnant ladies and aged women. Usually it occurs due to high stress, thyroid dysfunction in old women, as far as pregnant ladies are concerned these patched do disappear after the delivery External Factors

External Factors

Some of the external factors of causing skin pigmentation are harsh weather like humid and transition period of weather, too much exposure to ultra violet rays of sun  and last but not the least too much exploitation of skin by excessive use of unnatural skin cares.

Treatment of pigmentation

No one would like to have these ugly spots on the face or any other part of the body and would like

To get rid of these as early as possible following are few tips to treat these spots permanently or can

Avoid formation of these spots:-

Sun rays protection:- The best way is to prevent formation of patches when exposed to sun, one must

apply the sun block creams with in SPF of 30 before you move out of your home .

Topical application:– Retinoids and Alfa hydroxyl acids contain tropical applications are very useful in

Curbing the pigmentation which exfoliate and revitalize the skin. But is always recommended to consult

Your dermatologist before buying these products.

Vitamin C serum:- Vitamin C is natural protective antioxidant and hence reduces melanin and

Improves skin collagen and fiber production.

Micro needling:– By this method the micro injury to the skin is caused by micro needles in order to

Improve the production of elastin and collagen to make the skin healthier and bright.

Laser Treatment:-  One of the most effective treatment to overcome the problem of pigmentation is Laser treatment. The stronger laser energy emitted by this method helps to increase the collagen production and combat scar formation risk.

Natural treatment:– natural and herbal products are the best without any side effect to cure and prevent pigmentation. 100% tea tree oil acne treatment is the best natural and safe treatment to cure skin pigmentation.

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