How do you smile? Smiling is one type of facial exercise to our muscles by enlarging cheeks. A genuine smile can be identified by exposing teeth. The tooth is a hard structure found inside our mouth. It is present in-between the jaws of the mouth which help in chewing. The tooth contains a crown, a hard white covering called enamel, and a root which helps the tooth to fix in a jaw. A good care of mouth, teeth, and gums are done by dental care. Dental care helps you to prevent your teeth and gums from various dental diseases. They also help us to replace or repair the defective teeth. Many people fail to take care of their teeth due to lack of knowledge towards proper dental care. It is mostly children who often do not pay attention to teeth. Proper dental health doesn’t require for physical appearance, it is needed for the health of an entire body.


On hearing the advice of a dentist will help one to have a healthy teeth and mouth in good shape. We can also maintain by,

  • Brushing your teeth twice a day
  • By doing daily floss
  • Eating healthy food
  • By avoiding tobacco
  • Changing toothbrush after every three months

This help to get rid of tooth decay if we follow proper health care. Dentist advice is to brush your teeth twice a day and daily dental floss makes one tooth healthy.


The main problem in today’s life is tooth decaying. Tooth decaying is a process in which the enamel is destroyed completely. This dental problem is mainly occurred for children, for teens and adults. Tooth decay mainly affects due to a sticky bacteria and start with a plaque. This is caused when we eat food, drink beverages, by using tobacco, the plaque is formed.


Many people suffer from their teeth. They like to replace their missing teeth with the perfect teeth. Implanting can be done but it fails for many people. It is the best way to get teeth or tooth naturally. Implanting techniques now improved by increasing technologies. Some people afraid of the cost to replace their missing teeth. Dental implant costs vary based on many different factors. They are high and expensive but yield a good result. They find a permanent solution for missing or replacing teeth which will create a new root.


Dental implant cost for front teeth will be high which will cost around two thousand dollars. This cost which includes the office charges the cost of materials needed and manufacturing of new implant tooth. The cost of implanting tooth is high when compared to dentures. Dentures are good; they can slip from the mouth and a bit uncomfortable in your mouth. Indentures, the bones start to diminish, looks like older, a chance of losing a tooth. In implanting the root helps the bone to be healthier, appearances simply look natural and the teeth are permanent. They won’t slip from the mouth and doesn’t need to remove and clean. The cost of implanting is high but the result worth it.

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