An Introduction to HBOT – Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Ever wondered why celebrities look younger as their age progressed? They use no miracle pills nor do they have mysterious ways to keep their health intact. It is because of a miraculous invention called Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy [HBOT] which is rather a simple way of healing an individual from physical ailments.

Hyperbaric oxygen chambers in Mississauga work on the principal that the patient should intake pure oxygen inside of a capsule or a chamber for a set amount of time under a clean and suitable atmosphere.  It has been found to heal many health conditions with unbelievable results. Some of the conditions are anemia, gas gangrene, skin grafts, gas embolism, burn/crush/radiation injury, etc. Apart from these there are many acute and severe ailments that can be healed with the help of HBOT.

How will HBOT work?

The process of the therapy is very simple. The patient has to enter an oxygen chamber and has to spend time in it for a brief period. The process is explained by doctors in, the atmospheric pressure in the chamber is maintained between 2.0 – 2.8, which is a very good level for human beings. At this pressure the patient is allowed to inhale pure oxygen with the help of a mask or a hood.

Mississauga hyperbaric oxygen treatment aims to improve the percentage of oxygen levels a normal human being takes. The oxygen intake is increase by 10-15 times, which stimulates perfect blood flow and increase of oxygen in blood. As a result, the problematic area will receive more oxygen and the wound or the condition will heal quickly. The healing process is triggered by oxygen which helps the fast growth of the tissue in the area. As one can expect this will also increase the immunity levels of an individual and helps to fight against many pathological conditions.

Generally, the patient requires attending several sessions in a week. But, for those who are really in need of the therapy the doctors prefer to visit at least for five days and enter into the hyperbaric oxygen chambers in Mississauga. It may take 1-2 hours of the patient’s time, but it becomes very essential in getting out of intense health complications.

What will it cost?

A treatment like this can be expensive, but not too expensive. In addition, Mississauga hyperbaric oxygen treatment varies for each individual. Therefore, if one patient says that it has cost thousands it is so because he/she might have needed an intense care. Generally, the doctors would charge $300 for a normal treatment in the oxygen chamber.

Further, the cost is also dependant on the type of chamber a patient selects. There are different types of Oxygen chambers such as monoplace chambers, multiplace chambers and so on. In a monoplace chamber the patient is solely treated under the supervision of a doctor. Hence, the cost will increase. In a multiplace chamber, there are few patients entering the chamber at a time; hence, the cost will decrease. However, one should remember that a treatment like this is a brilliant elixir to one’s life and it should not be looked at with the view of saving money.

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