5 Fast and Effective Anabolic Steroids

Anabolic -Androgenic Steroids are variation of male sex hormone testosterone. The word Anabolic means muscle, so some health care experts use them to treat muscle loss and weak bones. They help in starting puberty and any genetic disorders. They increase body weight and proteins in the cell. But few people abuse these steroids for short term benefit without knowing long term effects. Medically these steroids treat puberty delays, Cancer, AIDS, breast cancer in ladies, osteoporosis, anaemia, any conditions of hormonal imbalances. They can be taken both orally and or injectables. You can buy anabolic steroids online by clicking here.

Let’s see few Anabolic steroids which are fast and effective in use below.


This is a product large number of people trust upon. It is a legal steroid and can show magical results in 1-2 weeks’ time. It reduces weight by stimulating fat cells and transforming it into fat acid in turn increasing metabolism. Here muscles are also strengthened.  This drug slightly raises the body temperature either at rest or at work and gives a sound sleep.

The side effect of this drug reduces once the intake of it is stopped unlike other drugs.Also unlike other drugs it does not need to be combined with other weight loss activities.

Deca Durabolin:

This is most recognised drug among the peers which comprises hormone Nandrolone. It is commonly used by athletes for performance enhancment as it is famous for its benefits. It has ability to increase nitrogen retention in muscles due to which muscle tissues gets stronger. It increases bone mineral content due to this joint relief and increase production if red blood cells occur. That is the reason it can be used to treating HIV and Anaemia patients. Click here to buy anabolic steroids online.


Though there is no life threatening side effects for this drug, a responsible usage of it can in turn get the quick results. There should be no mistake in choosing a pure drug along with perfect dosage else it could be adversely affected. The common side effects are Jitteriness and insomnia. It should be used under medical supervision with a responsible dosage else it has adverse effects on heart. It also causes cramps which are painful.


It is a most powerful anabolic steroid which is an injectable. It releases IGF-1(Insulin like growth factor) inside muscle cell which repairs muscle fiber and related growth factors. It also increase nitrogen retention in muscles like other anabolic steroids. It also supress inflammation which was developed when tissue injured accompanying intense work-out. It has side effects which are not seen in other drugs. This is to be avoided by female users. It causes increase in thyroid hormone and in some individuals it cause kidney and liver function failure.


There are some drugs like Winn v, HGH, Versatrol, Aver also some of the drugs which are fast and effective drugs which have similar use as above mentioned drugs. One important aspect to be remembered while using these steroids is dosage.  A low dose of steroid cause miraculous effect in the same way high dosage cause adverse effects.

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